A hesitant welcome

On this Tumblr page I plan to post random material relating to jihadi culture and extremist subcultures more generally. I hesitate to call it a blog, because I’ve blogged before (at www.jihadica.com) and found it more stressful than anything else. So let’s just call this a noticeboard or something, where I’ll post stuff when I have the time and inclination, and where you may find three posts a day for a while and then nothing for months. 

I set up the Bored Jihadi because I have developed a passionate interest in what I call “jihadi culture”, by which I mean the stuff jihadis do when they don’t fight. In academic parlance it’s the “artistic products and social practices” of violent Islamists. It’s what’s left of jihadism when you take away the operational and doctrinal stuff. It’s the music and the poetry, the iconography and the cinematography, the rituals and the manners, the exorcism and the dream interpretation, the cooking and the sports, the weeping and the jokes. For more background on this research project, see my recent Paul Wilkinson memorial lecture at the University of St Andrews entitled “Why terrorists weep”.  

I keep coming across a lot of material

that speaks to this interest, both in primary and secondary sources, and I figured I might as well share some of it instead of just stuffing it into my Evernote archive. My twitter feed is not ideal because it’s ephemeral and followed by people who have lives. This noticeboard is for the rest of us.

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