Jihadi poetry: A reading list

Before I start posting primary sources, I figured I should pay tribute to the work that’s already been done on various elements of jihadi culture. In academia, the way to say “I love you” is to include people in a bibliography, so I’ll be posting a series of them. They’re not meant to be exhaustive, so if your work is not on here, it doesn’t mean I hate you. I do, however, welcome tips about major items I have missed. First topic out: jihadi poetry. 

Umar Abdurrahman, “Poets, Preachers and Pundits: A Critical Examination of the Poetry of Jihad Leaders of Northern Nigeria

Atef Alshaer,  Poetry and Politics in the Modern Arab World

Atef Alshaer,  “The Poetry of Hamas”

Elad Ben-Dror,  “The Poets of Marj al-Zuhur” 

Marc Falkoff (ed.), Poems from Guantanamo: The Detainees Speak

Philip Halldén, “Jihad, retorik och poesi i digitaliseringens tidsålder” (Swedish)

Izza Muhammad Ibrahim Hasan, The Afghan Jihad from the Perspective of the Arab Poets (Arabic)

Bernard Haykel, “Osama bin Laden, Bard of Terror” 

Carole Hillenbrand, “Jihad Poetry in the Age of the Crusades”

Philipp Holtmann, “Casting Supernatural Spells and Fostering Communitas: Abu Yahya Al-Libi’s Qasida Poetry”

Elisabeth Kendall, “Yemen’s al-Qa’ida and Poetry as a Weapon of Jihad”

Hugh Kennedy (ed.),  Warfare and Poetry in the Middle East

Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn, Poetry of the Taliban 


20 May: Christopher (@ibnsiqilli) Anzaone alerted me to an item worth including:

Hadia Dajani-Shakeel, “Jihad In Twelfth-Century Arabic Poetry:  A Moral And Religious Force to Counter The Crusades”

21 May: @yohjiarmstrong sent me this:

Atef Alshaer, “The poetry of Hizbullah”

22 May: I just came across this:

Thomas H. Johnson, The Taliban Insurgency and an Analysis of Shabnamah (Night Letters)

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