Jihadi dreams: A reading list

Jihadis are generally interested in dreams, and jihadi leaders sometimes use alleged dreams to legitimize decisions or claims to authority. Here’s a reading list for those interested in knowing more. As with the list on poetry, I welcome feedback about items I have missed.

Bulkeley, Kate Adams, and Patricia Davis (eds.), Dreaming in Christianity and

Iain Edgar,
The Dream in Islam

Iain Edgar,
“The ‘true dream’ in contemporary Islamic/Jihadist dreamwork: a case study of
the dreams of Mullah Omar”

Iain Edgar,
“The inspirational night dream in the motivation and justification of Jihad”

Iain Edgar
and David Henig, “The Cosmopolitan and the Noumenal: A Case Study of Islamic
Jihadist Night Dreams as Reported Sources of Spiritual and Political

Iain Edgar,
“Overtures of Paradise: Night Dreams and Islamic Jihadist Militancy”

Iain Edgar,
“The Dream Will Tell: Militant Muslim Dreaming in the Context of Traditional
and Contemporary Islamic Dream Theory and Practice.”

Özgen Felek
and Alexander Knysh (eds.), Dreams and Visions in Islamic Societies

Nile Green,
“The Religious and Cultural Roles of Dreams and Visions in Islam”

Ignác Goldziher,
“The Appearance of the Prophet in Dreams”

Hoffman, The Role of Visions in Contemporary Egyptian Religious Life  

Aaron Hughes,
“Imagining the divine: Ghazali on imagination, dreams, and dreaming”

Benjamin J.
Kilbourne, “Moroccan Dream Interpretation and Culturally Constituted Defense

Lamoreaux, The Early Muslim Tradition of Dream Interpretation

Stephen M.
Lyon, “Motivation and justification from dreams: Muslim decision making
strategies in Punjab, Pakistan”

Katz, Dreams, Sufism and Sainthood: The Visionary Career of Muhammad Al-Zawawi

Meenakshi Khanna, “Dreams
and visions in North Indian sufic traditions ca 1500 1800 AD”

Louise Marlow
(ed.), Dreaming Across Boundaries: The Interpretation of Dreams in Islamic

Mittermaier, Dreams That Matter: Egyptian Landscapes of the Imagination

Bill Musk, “Dreams
and the Ordinary Muslim”

Omar Salem, Mohamed Abdel Latif Ragab, and Said Yousif Abdel Razak, “Significance
of Dreams among United Arab Emirates University Students”

Sirriyeh, Dreams and Visions in the World of Islam

Sirriyeh, “Dream narratives of Muslims’ martyrdom: Constant and changing roles
past and present.”

Sirriyeh, “Dreams of the Holy Dead: Traditional Islamic Oneirocriticism versus
Salafi Scepticism”

G. E. Von
Grunebaum and Roger Callois, The Dream and Human Societies 


20 May: Christopher (@ibnsiqilli) Anzalone alerted me to some important works:

Nozhat Ahmadi, The Role of Dreams in the Political Affairs of the Safavid Dynasty 

Amira Mittermaier, The politics of divine intervention

Ehsan Pouresmaeil, Seeing Allah While Dreaming: A Comparison between Shi‘a and Sunni Beliefs

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