Jihadi dress: A reading list

Dress and identity markers are an important element of jihadi culture, so here is my best shot at a reading list. It supplements my previous lists on imagery, music, dreams, and poetry. Very little has been written about jihadi dress as such, so most of the items on this list are about Islamist dress or Islamic dress more broadly, but I think they provide useful background information. Please ping me on Twitter or send me an email if you know of other good articles or books on this topic.   

Adraoui, Purist Salafism in France

Hishaam Aidi,
Jihadis in the Hood

Samir Amghar, Le salafisme d’aujourd’hui

Charlesworth, Imported Religious Sartorial Markers and the Beard: Perceptions
and Politics in Morocco

Daily Mail, “Inside the ISIS gift Shop”

Fandy, Political Science Without Clothes: The Politics Of Dress Or Contesting
The Spatiality Of The State In Egypt

Fadwa El Guindi,
Veiling Infitah with Muslim Ethic: Egypt’s Contemporary Islamic Movement 

Haenni, L’islam de marché

Hatem, Gender and Islamism in the 1990s

Herding, Inventing the Muslim Cool: Islamic Youth Culture in Western Europe

Kamal, Islamic Dress and Fashion in the United States

Lewis, Fashion, Shame and Pride: Constructing the Modest Fashion Industry in
Three Faiths

Lindisfarne-Tapper and Bruce Ingham, Languages of Dress in the Middle East

Moors (ed.), Islamic Fashion and Anti-Fashion: New Perspectives from Europe and
North America

Moors, “Islamic Fashion” in Europe: Religious conviction, aesthetic
style, and creative consumption

Moors, “Islam and Fashion on the Streets of San’a, Yemen”

Patel, Concealing to reveal: The informational role of Islamic dress 

Pisoiu, Subcultural Theory Applied to Jihadi and Right-Wing Radicalization in

Sanford, “How to spot a jihadi”

Semple, Black flags and balaclavas: how jihadists dress for imaginary war

Faegheh Shirazi,
Men’s facial hair in Islam: A matter of interpretation 

Emma Tarlo,
Visibly Muslim: Fashion, Politics, Faith

Emma Tarlo,
Reconsidering stereotypes: Anthropological reflections on the jilbab

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