Jumpsuit colour update

On the question of IS jumpsuit colours, someone just alerted me to a passage in a recent investigative report on IS by the Norwegian journalist Eskil Engdal in the Norwegian daily Dagens Næringsliv. It quotes a certain Mohammed Khedr, a “former member of IS’ media division”, as follows:

“The Norwegian’s situation is unusual. IS has not yet levelled specific accusations against him. Other hostages are accused of being former spies or soldiers, but the Norwegian is only accused of being an infidel. That’s why he’s dressed in yellow and not in orange. It means he hasn’t received the death sentence yet”

The source is not currently in IS – and I ask myself how he knows this if IS hasn’t donned prisoners in yellow before – but the quote is interesting nonetheless.

Here’s the article (gated): http://www.dn.no/magasinet/2015/09/11/2131/Reportasje/agentene-i-kalifatet

Thanks to Thea Elnan in Aftenposten for the heads up.

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