Cartoons and hand drawings in al-Jihad magazine

Jihadi propaganda nowadays is often very sophisticated, both in terms of messaging and technical quality. It was not always like that, however. In the 1980s and 1990s, jihadi magazines and book covers were sometimes illustrated by hand drawings and even caricatures. Hand drawings gradually disappeared as the cost of printing photographs declined. 

I’ll devote several posts to this, but I figured I’d start with some examples from al-Jihad, the magazine published by Abdallah Azzam’s Services Bureau in Peshawar from December 1984 onward. The drawings below are from the first four issues (Dec 1984-Mar 1985). From issue 5 onward the hand drawings are replaced by photographs. 

The first two are particularly interesting, because they are cartoons, which are very rare in jihadi propaganda. I suspect neither was produced by an in-house artist, but rather borrowed from other publications. The second one, with the rifle-swinging Mujahid and the big fist, is probably from a Pakistani source, because the word “jihad” on the fist is written in the nastaliq font.

From issue #1:

From issue #2:

Also from issue 2:

From issue 3:

and from issue 4:

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