The Bored Jihadi is back! As you may remember, this used to be a Tumblr blog until Tumblr deleted it without warning or appeal last year after mistaking it for a jihadi propaganda site.

Having hosted tons of real terrorist propaganda for years, Tumblr suddenly wanted to clean up, but threw the baby out with the bathwater. Since then, Tumblr has continued to host genuine jihadi and far right blogs that their algorithms don’t catch, but that’s another story. They never responded to any of my requests, so the blog was dead. Fortunately I had an old backup on WordPress, but I lost fifteen months of material and was so demotivated by the whole experience that I just left it there.

Now I’ve decided to try again on a new platform. Below you will find all the old posts up to mid-February 2017, and if WordPress lets us live, there will be new material coming up. Stay tuned.