Luton, England, mid-2014: Islamic State supporters enjoy a meal in a back garden marquee. 

According to an MI5 undercover agent codenamed Kamal, 

the activists held talks in two key locations in Luton: in a specially-erected back garden marquee and a Methodist church hall. 

In both, he heard speakers scorn Western values and heap praise on jihadist attacks around the world. They were delivered to audiences of up to 80 people, often including children. 

During the summer of 2014, the marquee gained a banner noting the creation of a “caliphate” – or Islamic state – by the IS group in June that year. 

Kamal said the only people allowed in were men and they would sit in rough rows “anywhere they could grab a space”. Some of the fathers would bring their sons. 

“Some of the children were very attentive,” he said. “Some of the others would be chatting among themselves and you’d hear people telling them to shush.”