Poem: The man who bought a ticket to heaven with just $20

I just came across this English-language poem honouring

Abu Hurayrah al-Amriki

(aka Moner Abu Salha), an American foreign fighter killed in Syria in late 2014. Jihadi poems in English are relatively rare – Western jihadis don’t seem that interested poetry – so it’s worth highlighting. It’s not clear who the author is, but the poem was posted on a blog apparently run by Maldivian foreign fighters in Syria. 

The man who bought ticket towards Jannah with just twenty dollars

A child of Palestine,
Born among the Kuffar,
Humbleness from head to foot,
Followed the sunnah of the Prophet sallah Allah alayhi wasalam,
Firmness in al Wala wal bara,
Thirsty for Hijrah,
Yearning for the love of Allah,
Walked the walk of five miles,
With Blisters on feet,
Reminding us of Abu Dharr r.a
Struggled he did,
Calling Labbaik Ya Allah!
Empty was his pocket,
Upon starvation he marched,
Indeed he was a quraba,
In an unknown city so large,
Not knowing whom to turn to,
Taking shelter in the Masjid,
Yet sufficient was Allah,
Rizq of Allah kept flowing,
With tranquillity enveloping his heart,
Unlocking the doors for his destination,
Breathed only for Jihad,
Became a brick for Islam,
And bought a ticket towards Jannah
With just twenty dollars….

Jabhat al-Nusra closes stores with billiards, table football & computer games

From Aymenn al-Tamimi’s fascinating archive of JN administrative documents (Aymenn’s translation):

For the requirements of the interest of the Muslim populace and because preventing corruption is more of an obligation than the acquisition of material benefit, the head of the Dar al-Qaḍa in Hureitan decides on the following:

1. All entertainment stores that feature billiards, table football and computer games are to be closed.

2. The owner of the store is responsible for looking for another form of livelihood for himself legitimate according to Shari’a.

3. All who persist in practising this vocation will expose themselves to judicial reckoning, detention, confiscation of tools, and closing of the shop in keeping with the regulations.

And God is the one behind the intention.

Here’s a compilation of six anashid sessions with Jabhat al-Nusra fighters after the recent capture of Abu Zuhur airbase. It’s a great example of anashid used to taunt and mock enemies – in this case the Assad regime and especially Islamic State. They really give it to IS here, especially in scenes 4 and 6.