Make sure you read this great article by Joanna Paraszczuk on the poetry of Chechen jihadis.

I liked this poem by a widow mourning her martyred husband. It’s unusual in its emotional honesty:

Well, a year has passed by quietly.
But to my heart it seems but a day.
I live among people, I timidly
Try to be like everyone else. […]

I think as I look into the sky
That Allah changes everything in a moment…
And just as He changes time
He changes people’s fates
Today was lively and cheerful
And tomorrow the world abandoned you. […]

A year has passed, time is changing
But my heart will not change.
You will live in it for a long time.
Until my death.

I also liked this sarcastic one:

O, evil Facebook warriors,
Soldiers of the Whatsapp army,
O ye deputy sheikhs of Google,
You run in a vicious circle
Clicking on the top right corner.

Read the whole thing here. Also check out Joanna’s blog, From Chechnya to Syria.

Here’s a compilation of six anashid sessions with Jabhat al-Nusra fighters after the recent capture of Abu Zuhur airbase. It’s a great example of anashid used to taunt and mock enemies – in this case the Assad regime and especially Islamic State. They really give it to IS here, especially in scenes 4 and 6.