Weeping and singing in a foreign fighter travel diary

We have a growing number of lengthy first-person accounts of life as a foreign fighter in Syria. A good example is this travel diary titled “Days in Sahawaat” which describes the experiences of an IS-affiliated foreign fighter named Abu Saa’d al-Sudani in an area West of Aleppo in 2014. The document is interesting for a number of reasons (Norwegian readers, for example, will note the prominence of a certain “Abu Musa al-Norweigi”), but here I’ll just highlight a few passages of particular interest to the Bored Jihadi. 

For example, there’s this description of what al-Sudani and his foreign fighter friends do while recuperating at a safe house after days of strenuous adventures:

Later, at another safe house, there’s praying, storytelling, and anashid-singing:

There are lots of other cultural tidbits in there as well, such as this: 

But I’ll leave you to read the whole thing if you are specially interested.